D'Artagnan 18 Month Aged Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham Spanish Style Prosciutto, 10 lb Minimum Weight

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  • Handcrafted in Spain by fourth-generation masters
  • Aged a minimum of 18-months Cured only with sea salt Boneless, with rind trimmed off No nitrates or nitrites added
  • Traditional heritage breed pigs, a cross of Duroc and Landrace breeds Serrano ham is very versatile and requires no preparation except to slice then and enjoy
  • 9.5 lb minimum weight

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Bring your favorite tapas home with this premium Serrano ham, and experience the true taste of Spain. D'Artagnan's Serrano ham starts with traditional heritage-breed pigs, a cross of Duroc and Landrace breeds. The ham is handcrafted in the mountainous region of Rasillo de Cameros in Spain by a family of fourth-generation maestro jamoneros (literally "ham masters"). This ham is produced by strictly adhering to the age-old methods for making Jamon Serrano, developed by the family's ancestors, adding only the latest high-tech quality controls. Naturally dry-cured for 18 months with nothing but sea salt and mountain air and no added nitrates or nitrites, this is a rare ham to find in the USA. The end results of the deliberate care and quality ingredients is a superior-quality ham with a richer and more developed flavor characteristics than the more commonly available 8-12 month aged Serrano ham. Serrano ham is very versatile and requires no preparation except to slice thin and enjoy. Try it with tapas, in a grilled Serrano & Manchego cheese sandwich, Serrano-wrapped prawns, salads, pizza, pasta the options are limitless!