Del Monte Vegetable & Bean Blends, Mexican Style, 14.5-Ounce Can, 12 Count

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  • Tender and delicious mixed vegetables and beans with corn, carrots, white kidney beans, and green beans
  • Seasoned with the perfect blend of spices for delicious flavor straight out of the can
  • The ideal blend of convenience, nutrition, and mouth-watering taste
  • Packed with four grams of fiber and four grams of protein per serving
  • Great as a side dish or in a hot and hearty Mexican chili recipe

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Product Description

Del Monte Vegetable & Bean Blends Mexican Style features a delicious blend of corn, pinto beans, and sweet red peppers seasoned with just sea salt and a hint of chili pepper. This delicious and versatile blend offers a tasty and convenient side dish for your favorite meals or use as a nutritious salad-topper. Whether a stand-alone accompaniment or a delicious ingredient, we know that you'll love the taste, value, and freshness you'll find in our products. Del Monte works hard to cultivate the freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables to use in every one of our products. When you trust Del Monte, you can be sure what you're buying is the peak of quality and nutrition!