Ethiopian, Guji Hambella, Grade 1, Wet Processed, 3Lb, Unroasted Green Coffee, By - Lulo Coffee

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  • ☕ Specialty grade unroasted green coffee from the birth place of Arabica coffee.
  • ☕100% Arabica. Hand-picked Yirga-Cheffe Unroasted Green Coffee from Gelana district. Wet Method/Washed Processed and sun dried on raised African beds.
  • ☕ Truly Direct Trade! All our Coffee come from our farm and processing Mills in Gedeb, Guji, Sidama, & Yirga-Cheffe
  • ☕ Cup Profile: Coffee from this region has floral and fruity characteristics with creamy sooth body. Sweetness and mild citrus acidity.
  • ☕ Organic Coffee!! No pesticides or in-organic fertilizer ever been used in our farm or the farmers we work with.

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Product Description

Ethiopian Unroasted Green Coffee from Guji Hambella

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
District: Hambella Guji
Elevation: 1900 - 2250 Meters
Profile: Lemon, Sage, Raspberry, Watermelon, Creamy Smooth Body, Spiked Acidity
Processing Method:Wet/Washed

We handpick and sort cherries before it gets mechanically pulped to remove the outer skin(pulp). Pulped Coffee is then let to ferment in concrete tank till the mucilage on middle skin (parchment) gets loosen up. Fermentation takes 24 to 36 hours. Then, the coffee is washed to get rid of the mucilage using fresh water from the wells we installed in our facilities. Washed parchment coffee is then let to Sun-Dry on raised African beds. Our coffees are only exposed to the morning & afternoon sun. We avoid the intense mid-day heat to avoid cracking and encapsulation (bean color and quality defect caused by a rapid release of moisture from the center of the bean). Drying takes 10-12 days. Once the parchment coffee dries to 10-12% moisture level, we let it rest before it's dry milled to remove parchment and silver skin (also known as the 3rd skin). The Coffee is then screened and sorted by size, color and density. This is first done by industry standard machine and then our wonderful workers do a final round hand sorting before we put it in the bags and bring it to you. Please Enjoy!