Exotic Meat Gift Box (Exotic Jerky Gift) - Valentine's Day Gift - Jerky & Meat Sticks & Sausage Sampler - Comes in a Cardboard Box - Exotic Meat Jerky Gift - Great Gift for Men

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  • Buffalo Jerky (3oz) & Rabbit or Elk Jerky (3oz)
  • Reindeer Summer Sausage (9oz) & Venison Sticks (6oz)
  • Wild Boar BBQ Jerky (0.75oz) & Alpaca Jerky (1oz) & Beef and Ostrich Stick (1oz) & Maple Duck Jerky Stick (1oz) & Beef and Pheasant Jerky Stick (1oz)
  • These exotic meat sticks and sausage use a time tested recipe that balances wild game with premium pork or beef to accentuate the flavors
  • Valentine - Gift - Jerky Lover Gift Set - Great Gift For Men - Birthday Gift - Comes in a Broquet Themed Cardboard Box

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What's better than jerky? We'll tell you what. It's jerky made from premium exotic meats, jerky you can't just buy anywhere. If you love meat, you've got to try jerky made from more than just beef. If you've got someone awesome in your life that you want to give the perfect jerky gift, look no further - this is a box of jerky that will impress even the most distinguished jerky taster. When this gift box arrives on a jerky-lover's doorstep, they've got a lot of good things to look forward to. We're talking venison summer sausage and buffalo jerky, rabbit jerky, and lean and tasty BBQ wild boar jerky. Then what? How about some alpaca jerky and duck jerky, then some venison landjaegers? Oh yes. There are nine different kinds of rare and exotic meats in this kit spanning nine different animals. If you really want to send someone a box of meat, you can't do better than the Exotic Meat Gift Box.