McCormick Seasoned Meat Tenderizer, 5.5 oz, Perfect Blend of Spices, Sugars and Sea Salt Gently Tenderizes and Infuses Meat with Great Flavor! Perfect for Beef, Pork or Poultry, A True Pantry Staple

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  • Gently and perfectly tenderizes and infuses beef, chicken and pork
  • Easy to use for fast, delicious meals
  • No mixing or blending needed, just sprinkle it on any protein
  • Fresh flavor guarantee
  • Perfect blend of spices and natural ingredients

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Product Description

McCormick Seasoned Meat Tenderizer is a culinary must for every kitchen - professional or amateur. Fresh-flavor is guaranteed as you tenderize and flavor all of your proteins from beef to poultry to pork. Each pound of meat only needs one teaspoon of tenderizer for perfect texture and flavor. Just sprinkle on the flavor, pierce the meat and cook to perfection. Featuring a unique blend of savory spices, natural sugars and sea salt, this tenderizer turns ingredients into works of exquisite culinary art.