Meldeens Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 14-Ounce Jar


    • No preservatives or additives
    • 100% cholesterol and trans fat free
    • Contains more vital nutrients, especially medium-chain fatty acids
    • Very heat stable-ideal for cooking; no need to refrigerate
    • Superb for skin, hair and scalp care; can help combat many skin problems
    • 00% cholesterol and trans fat free

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    Product Description

    MCFAs are much smaller than the long chain fatty acids (LCFAs) found in other vegetable oils. MCFAs enter cell membranes easily and are sent directly to the liver, where they are converted to energy instead of fat as LCFAs are. Today’s scientists are confirming what generations of tropical people have always known: coconut oil enhances inner and outer health. It is believed to enhance metabolism, helping us maintain healthy weight and cholesterol, and promotes brain, heart and thyroid health. Plus it’s great for skin and scalp; deeply moisturizing and helping to maintain younger, supple skin.

    The raw truth and nothing but the truth about Meldeens Coconut Oil
    Meldeens raw, extra virgin, certified organic coconut oil is cold expeller pressed. That means it’s always pure, non-hydrogenated and GMO-free.

    Never exposed to chemicals or temperatures over 118 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s ideal even for raw food diets.

    Most importantly, this means that every nutrient in rich, creamy white Meldeens Coconut Oil is preserved at its peak. Because the raw truth is, raw, extra virgin organic coconut oil contains more vital nutrients, especially medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).

    MCFAs are high in Lauric acid, a nutrient-rich substance also found in human breast milk that supports immune function and helps fight infection.

    Benefits of coconut oil include:

    • No preservatives or additives
    • 100% cholesterol and trans fat free
    • Very heat stable--ideal for cooking
    • Superb for skin, hair and scalp care
    • Can help combat many skin problems
    How to use coconut oil
    In the Kitchen--
    • Cooking: Use coconut oil instead of olive oil. It's used in frying and is a common flavor in South East Asian curry. The smoke point is 260 degrees F.
    • Sautéing vegetables: Try it you will love it.
    • On Bread: Use instead of butter or margarine.
    • Popcorn: Make popcorn using coconut oil.
    • Ice-cream: Pour onto ice-cream and it immediately hardens giving it a great flavor.
    • Oatmeal: Add to oatmeal for creaminess and flavor.
    • Cookies: If a recipe calls for olive oil try using coconut oil instead it works great.

    Personal Care--

    • Hair: Massage into hair the night before, leave in overnight and wash out the next day. Or apply a thin layer of coconut oil to scalp and hair. Let it soak for a few minutes and then wash out. This will leave your hair shiny and soft.
    • Dandruff control: Massage into scalp a few times a week for an easy, effective way to remove dandruff.
    • Toothpaste: Mix an equal amount of baking soda and coconut oil. Add spearmint or peppermint oil with Stevia for a nice tasty fluoride free toothpaste.
    • Sunscreen: Coconut oil provides effective and natural sun protection.
    • Make up remover: Coconut oil is very effective in removing make up and will not cause dryness because it’s a natural moisturizer.
    • Massage: Makes great oil for massaging.