Pique Tea Organic Sacred Lily Oolong - Gut Health, Fasting, Calm - 1 Pack (14 Sticks)

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  • Contains 1 Pack - 14 Single Use Sticks
  • The Tea for Radiant Health. Organic, Non-GMO, Nothing Added (Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, Naturally Vegan, and Gluten free)
  • Benefits - Gut Health, Fasting, Calm
  • Concentrated - Cold Brew Crystallization process extracts up to 12x the antioxidants vs regular tea
  • Pure - Triple Toxin Screened for heavy metals and toxic mold

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Pique Tea Organic Sacred Lily Oolong is our no. 1 most requested tea. A perfect balance between green and black tea for the best of both worlds. The tea to choose if you only want 1 blend in your life! Sacred Lily is an exquisite oolong from Wuyi Mountain with earthy flavors, roasted notes and the freshness of green tea. Perfect iced or hot. Each carton has 14 single serve packets. No tea bags, no steeping required. Simply tear, mix and drink.